What's in a Name?

Usernames are so boring!

In this world, usernames are a thing of the past. Instead, we use unique identification numbers online in order to identify people.

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Watch out! You might get thrown in Identification Prison if you're suspected of using someone else's ID number!

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Don't make the same mistakes as Rina! She was living an ordinary life until she got involved with a "shifter", or people who are so skilled with technology that they can manipulate the ID number system and change their own number on a whim. Rina was then thrown into Identification Prison after the shifter framed her by making her seem sympathetic to the shifter cause. These horrible shifters must be stopped! We must fight for our great ID number system!

I'm sure you’re wondering why our number system is so great. Well it eliminates all individuality! Isn't it fantastic?

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Cick here , to join the fight for a username-free world!

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Or, retreat back to a world of usernames at Class Sites like a coward!